55+ New Home Communities

Refuse to Grow Old! 55+ New Home Communities offer a Fountain of Youth

A big-time shift is heading down the pipe for baby boomers searching for a new home. True to form your generation, isn’t aging like your parents did. Forget about rocking chairs, stamp collecting and quilt club.  You want more activities than only bingo. How about smashing an ace on the pickleball court or sharing a… Read More

Self Care Retirement

Self Care & Retirement

All your working life you’ve kept an eye on the prize: retirement. Maybe you were picturing long days painting with watercolors or growing a victory garden. Or maybe you were just looking forward to sleeping in. Whatever you thought retirement would look and feel like, it’s probably a bit different than you expected. And that’s… Read More

55+ New Home Communities

Company’s Coming! Activities for When Visitors Come to Town

Nervous about having family or other visitors come visit the new house? Don’t worry about it! Chances are they’re coming to visit you in your new home, whether it’s an active living community or 55+ community, because they love you and want to see how you live. And don’t worry, there will be plenty to… Read More

Pilates at Bonterra Woodforest

Discover the Secret to Living a Longer and Fuller Life

Living at Bonterra can help you live better, but turns out it might also help you live longer. Conventional wisdom says that staying socially active can improve a person’s mental and emotional well-being, but now there’s evidence that regular interaction with others might also enhance longevity. In a TED Talks lecture titled “The Secret of… Read More

55+ New Home Communities

The Neighborly Factor: Ditching Noise Complaints & Nosy Neighbors

There are a lot of pros to a 55+ community, mainly a fabulous sense of community and tons to do. But what do you do when someone gets a little too close and you just want some privacy? First of all, if you know privacy is super important to you, consider a community with single… Read More

mature couple eating ice cream

Finding the One (Again): Dating in 55+ Communities

When you picture a 55+ community you may think of a bunch of happy long-term couples out playing golf together in the sunshine. But that’s not always the case! Fifty-five plus communities are filled with single people as well, and offer a ton of opportunities for singles to meet each other, make friends and even… Read More

55 community

Friends After 50: Socializing & the Art of the “Hang Out”

Let’s face it: making friends as an adult is hard. And making friends when you move into a 55+ community? Totally intimidating. Being the proverbial new kid on the block is tough at any age. Before you embark on the quest to make some new friends, remember these two things: 1 )  It is totally… Read More

yoga | spa living 55 communities

Spa-Living in 55+ Communities

You’ve worked hard to get here. It’s time to treat yourself. After all, surviving the workforce warrants some serious R&R. Living in a high-end 55+ community will give you daily access to top-of-the line fitness, spa, and wellness services; allow you to enjoy the spa at home in succulent designer bathrooms; and yes, even pamper… Read More

Award-Winning Celebrity Chef Chris Shepherd

Houston Foodies! Meet Chef Chris Shepherd at Bonterra Grand Opening Event

Over 55 and thinking about making the move to a more engaging lifestyle in a fun and spirited community? This is the post for you. On Saturday, November 18th from 2-5pm, the clubhouse at Bonterra at Cross Creek will be hosting an exciting Grand Opening affair. Especially exciting if you’re a connoisseur of gourmet eats… Read More

Both Bonterras at a Luau

Residents of Bonterra Cross Creek Ranch came out to meet their cross-town Bonterra at Woodforest neighbors in June. An “All Bonterra” Luau brought together residents of both Bonterra communities to share food, drinks, and stories of life in Bonterra. Hula and fire dancers performed to the fear and delight of all in attendance. Bonterra at… Read More

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