Pilates at Bonterra Woodforest

Discover the Secret to Living a Longer and Fuller Life

Living at Bonterra can help you live better, but turns out it might also help you live longer. Conventional wisdom says that staying socially active can improve a person’s mental and emotional well-being, but now there’s evidence that regular interaction with others might also enhance longevity.

In a TED Talks lecture titled “The Secret of Living Longer May Be Your Social Life,” psychologist Susan Pinker suggests that having face-to-face contact with others can actually lengthen your life. She points out that research done at Brigham Young University indicates that social interaction and having close relationships are strong indicators that a person’s life will be longer, better than exercise, weight, or even smoking or drinking too much alcohol are.

In other words, the more social interactions and activities you’re regularly involved in, the more likely you’ll live longer than you would otherwise.

That’s where the Bonterra lifestyle comes in. This is a community with a goal to enhance lives through social interactions and amenities that promote health, wellness and physical fitness. It’s as if Bonterra is based on a foundation of lifestyle guidelines.

Have fun.

Bonterra is a vibrant, energetic and fun place to live. Social opportunities and interactions abound, by design. Bonterra provides a wealth of options for filling your day, so you can play, learn and grow. Watch a video to hear what homeowners have to say about the Bonterra at Woodforest experience.

Make friends.

People at Bonterra are just like you—ready for the next adventure, people who thrive on staying active, are curious about life and excited about the possibilities. There’s a rare sense of community at Bonterra, where neighbors are friends, and often feel more like family. Residents meet their neighbors and friendships grow at The Club, at events and special interest groups. See how these Bonterra friends had fun and almost got into trouble in this lighthearted short video, The Cover Up.

Join in.

To nurture engagement, the Bonterra Lifestyle Directors plan, coordinate and oversee a full calendar of events, clubs and activities. You name it, there’s probably a Bonterra group for that.

  • Books
  • Gourmet lunching
  • Travel
  • Wine tasting

These are just a few of the options, and the list continues to grow. The Lifestyle Director can help you find just the right club for you or help you start a new one.

Stay active.

The approximately 10,000 square foot Club at Bonterra is the community hub. This is where you’ll find the Lifestyle Director and an impressive array of amenities and stimulating activities. Take a video tour of The Club.

  • Have an invigorating full workout in the fitness center featuring a range exercise equipment, weights and more.
  • Find your center in a yoga class or get the heart pumping in an aerobics class in the movement room.
  • Challenge friends to a game or two on the Pickleball Courts.
  • Head to the bocce ball courts for some more stimulating fun.
  • Swim the lap lanes in the pool.
  • Hike or bike the three-mile trail connecting neighborhoods, parks and playgrounds.

Just relax.

  • Relax on the Veranda by the beautiful lagoon-style pool after a soak in the hot tub.
  • Spend the evening sipping wine with friends by the outdoor fire pit.
  • Enjoy a day at The Spa, where you can get a massage, a facial and other services.

Get Social.

  • Savor a cup of java with a friend at the Club Coffee Bar.
  • Attend a party, seminar or one of the other happenings at the Club Social Hall.
  • Get together with friends for cards or billiards at The Club.
  • Host a cookout at the clubhouse outdoor kitchen.
  • Discuss your favorite book at a club meeting.
  • Enjoy one of the many events and gatherings to enjoy food, entertainment and fun. Past examples include a Mystery Dinner and Crawfish Boil or the Hollywood Glitz & Glamour event.


In the Sardinian village that Susan Pinker talks about in her presentation, townspeople can live to be 100 or more. She theorizes that this is be due in part because their tight-knit community of men and women who interact frequently and are always there for each other.

Sounds like Bonterra, doesn’t it? Because here, like-minded, venturesome people are your neighbors and friends. With so much to do and fun to be had, boredom becomes a distant memory. And there’s comfort in knowing you always have the support of friends. It’s the perfect place to be you.


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